Book a Workshop or Talk

Below are brief descriptions of my most popular, interactive workshops, which can also be presented as shorter “lunch & learn” talks for your business, organization or group.

Workshops are designed to be 2 hours; talks can be 45-minutes to 90 minutes. All involve worksheets, group activities, or other techniques designed to foster lots of participation and hold audience interest. Pricing is based on distance/travel, group size, etc.

Her diverse professional and personal experience in corporate / IT management, yoga therapy, meditation, mind-body nutrition, breathing techniques, dynamic eating psychology, self-care, and Reiki enables her to be a true expert when sharing the information. I have gotten lots of positive feedback about the presentation from the attendees and recommend her to any corporate or community group needing a speaker. -Monica Peña, MUNDU Media LLC

Breaking Free of Emotional (Stress) Eating

If you’re challenged by emotional or stress-based eating habits, I can help. I’ll teach you the physiological effects of stress on metabolism & calorie burning, how to naturally modulate your appetite through eating rhythm, & the profound impact of the cephalic phase digestive response.

Kali has such an easy way about her. [We] recently hosted her talk on emotional eating; it was an intimate crowd, but this neither seemed to phase Kali, or impact the level of enthusiasm she brought to the lecture. Kali spoke genuinely about ways to overcome emotional eating which were informed both from her personal experiences and extensive training. An all around great talk; we look forward to having her lecture on one of her other topics! -Mary C.

Get a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both, this workshop will show you the steps to take during your days that will lead to improved nights, refreshing mornings, & days with more consistent energy.


So glad I attended Kali’s workshop on Healing Your Insomnia. The breathing techniques have helped me fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Kali is very knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to another workshop. -Chinell

Natural Strategies for Living in a Stress-Filled World

View the common & not-so-common symptoms of stress through the layers of a long-standing mind-body model, & leverage your new understanding to break through the stress feedback loop. Discover practical, simple, & natural techniques immediately applicable for upping your resiliency when faced with life’s stressors.

[Kali is] a tremendously skilled speaker with a manner that both engages the audience & senses their mood. We truly enjoyed hosting [her] and I hope that we can organize another talk in the future. -Debora

Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life

We’ll explore a variety of breathing techniques useful for specific conditions, including the reduction of stress, muscular tension, symptoms of anxiety/depression, perception of (chronic) pain, as well as increased energy & focus, improved attention & posture, & healthy blood pressure.

Thanks for the terrific presentation this morning. Lots of very positive comments from the audience. -John

Meditation Sampler

If you’ve ever tried to meditate but are unable to “control your thoughts” or you’re new to meditation, I’ll clarify some common misunderstandings about this practice & offer several different techniques for you to explore. We’ll also discuss how to integrate meditation into your busy life & overcome other common meditation challenges.

Healing Anxiety & Depression

Whether you have mild anxiety in specific situations or full blown panic attacks, suffer from mild or severe and chronic depression, this workshop will help you explore holistic tools for living an easier life.


Kali is wonderful at imparting her knowledge in both an individualized setting and a group setting. I have been to several workshops–Kali is always well prepared and every time I come away with new knowledge. -Sara L.