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A mind-body approach to goal setting

It’s flurrying here in New England this Christmas Eve, and I’ve been enjoying a quiet day inside catching up on some personal tasks. I’ve finally hung the vision board illustrating my top 6 values on the wall, my essential oil diffuser is making my office smell incredible, and there’s balsamic chicken thighs broiling in the…
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8 Ways to Keep Yourself Sane this Holiday Season

Several years ago I was talking with a work colleague, and she asked me what I was doing over the holidays. I didn’t have much going on–-my family wasn’t close by, and I wasn’t traveling anywhere. I was very much looking forward to spending some time off from work, doing things I enjoyed like reading…
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What did the Grinch steal?

I recall working in my high-tech job and having people asking me what I was doing for the holidays. I don’t have much family to speak of, and I’m not one really for “orphan” dinners. So I said, “nothing really.” The eager and expectant smile on the face of my colleague fell fast. “Oh, how…
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