• Do you have trouble falling sleep, either because your body or your mind (or both) are restless?

  • Do you fall asleep fine, but wake during the night, unable to return to a restful state?

  • Even if you fall asleep and stay asleep, do you wake feeling refreshed? Do you have energy “dips” during the day?

During sleep, our minds and bodies are designed to process and integrate experiences on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. Unfortunately, poor sleep plagues many of us these days, and when we’re not rested, our physical health may deteriorate and a positive, compassionate perspective toward ourselves, our relationships, and our lives may be harder to maintain.

Join Kali in this educational and experiential talk to learn how you can use natural techniques to improve your sleep–and the overall functioning of your mind-body system.

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  • Where: On your PC or device

  • Cost: TBD

Kali Patrick is a Mind-body Wellness Coach specializing in improving people’s health with more ease & enjoyment. Her specialties include emotional eating, sleep difficulties, chronic pain, & stress. Her knowledge is based on training in natural / holistic modalities such as Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Mind-body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology, & Reiki. Prior to A Journey Into Health, Kali was a User Experience Designer & Manager at several hi-tech companies. Kali coaches people all over the country & works with organizations to implement health & wellness programs.