Webinar: Eat for Pleasure, Eat for Health: Getting a Handle on Emotional Eating

Woman choosing between carrots and cookies.

  • Do you spend more time struggling with your body than living your life?

  • Are you sick and tired of counting calories, weighing yourself, measuring your food, and being told what you can and cannot eat?

  • Do you start sabotaging yourself just as soon as you start to make progress toward your goals?

If so, join Kali on a fascinating journey into the rational reasons for our seemingly irrational eating habits.

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  • Where: On your PC or device

  • Cost: TBD

Why: In this interactive webinar, you’ll bring your biggest challenge around emotional eating, weight loss/metabolism, body image, or digestion, and leave with:

  • knowledge about how stress, relaxation, pleasure, thoughts, feelings, and long-held beliefs impact your nutritional metabolism and health

  • a more compassionate approach to your relationship with your body (hint: it doesn’t involve attacking problems with willpower!)

  • discoveries about how your ever-changing relationship with food presents a unique opportunity for you to grow and evolve into the very best version of yourself

  • some simple, natural strategies that will help you make real, lasting changes—possibly without changing anything about WHAT you eat!

Kali Patrick is a Mind-body Wellness Coach specializing in improving people’s health with more ease & enjoyment. Her specialties include emotional eating, sleep difficulties, chronic pain, & stress. Her knowledge is based on training in natural / holistic modalities such as Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Mind-body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology, & Reiki. Prior to A Journey Into Health, Kali was a User Experience Designer & Manager at several hi-tech companies. Kali coaches people all over the country & works with organizations to implement health & wellness programs.