Mind-body Wellness Coaching FAQ

I created this page to answer some of the questions I receive about coaching, and about working with me specifically.

Have more questions? Send them to me at info (a) a journey into health (dot) com, or we can discuss them when we talk.

What is Coaching?

I believe the job of any coach includes:

  • Asking thoughtful (and sometimes difficult) questions
  • Helping you make connections you may not have seen before
  • Helping you navigate the often overwhelming and conflicting advice / information that’s available
  • Helping you see all the options that are available to you
  • Guiding you toward answers that will improve your health and well-being
  • Assisting you in creating reasonable goals
  • Keeping you accountable toward achieving your goals
  • Helping you remove obstacles to lasting success (e.g. limiting beliefs, need to set boundaries, etc.)
  • Providing unconditional support and encouragement
  • Understanding how the past influences the present, but looking toward the future

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What is Mind-Body Wellness Coaching?

Mind-body Wellness Coaching is something–as far as I know–I created. It means that as your coach, I focus on improving your health situation by:

  • Using natural techniques–rooted in holistic modalities–in practical ways
  • Slowing increasing your awareness of your patterns (e.g. thought, behavior, physical posture/movement, etc.) and helping you see how they’re contributing to you remaining stuck
  • Helping you discover the windows of breathing space that are required to appropriately respond to what you’ve become aware of
  • Creating the circumstances for problematic patterns to easily dissolve (i.e. make more progress by doing less!)
  • Helping you downshift your nervous system so that underlying stressors don’t thwart your progress
  • Encouraging you to be curious and experiment with new solutions that are likely to work specifically for you
  • Giving you a foundation for intuiting what’s right for improving or maintaining your health and well-being, so that it lasts long after our work together
  • Being a collaborative partner along your journey into health
  • Helping you recognize whether your journey is here to teach you something important

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What Health & Wellness Concerns Do You Specialize In?

I specialize in working with people who face the following challenges:

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What Kinds of Clients Do You Typically Work With?

Because of my training, my past experience, and who I am today, I typically work with high-level professionals and entrepreneurs mostly between the ages of 30-55. However, I have worked with stay-at-home moms, retirees, and people from all walks of life. I have worked with young adults and people in their 70s. I do not, however, work with children.

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Where Do I Meet with You?

I occasionally meet clients in person, and if you’re local to the Waltham, Massachusetts area, it’s certainly an option. I’ll travel to clients in Belmont, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Wayland, Weston, Watertown, etc.

Even if you’re local though, most clients prefer to meet virtually (it’s both cheaper and saves time). My preference is to use video conference, so that we can see each other and the audio quality is clear. I use a software called Zoom, which is so easy (even my mom and I talk using it)! We can also talk on the phone.

Because most of my clients don’t see me in person, I am able coach people all over the country!

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What is My Time Commitment?

Clients typically work with me for an initial commitment of 90 days. That may sound like a lot, but think about how long you have been struggling with your issue–for some clients it’s years. For many clients, it’s MANY years. So, it takes at least 3 months to start re-training your mind-body system to work differently: to form new habits, to let go of others, and to “ride the wave” of the ups and downs that are inevitable along the way.

I meet with most new clients once a week for about an hour, at least initially. That’s where we go through the assessments I’ve created to help you. The assessments are specific to the condition you feel is your top priority at the time–the health concerns I address often have overlap: e.g. someone who has a lot of stress may have trouble sleeping; a person who has trouble sleeping may have gained weight, etc. I also have what I call a “Change Capacity Assessment” that I use with some clients to help them remove “change blockers” (See also the Video below.) Some people prefer to keep that pace throughout the 90 days; others need less accountability and so go to a bi-weekly session. I also provide the option to do shorter sessions (30 minutes) for clients who’ve been with me for awhile and just need to touch base from time to time.

For accountability purposes, each week each of my clients complete a check-in form (done online) to let me know how they’re doing, and to get them to think about what they can be doing for themselves in that moment to further their progress. This check in is done regardless of whether we meet.

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How Much Does it Cost?

This is something we’ll discuss when we have our first conversation. Why? Because if I suggest a few program options, it’s because I think they’d make the most sense based on what you’ve communicated to me during that discussion. I do have a few options for folks who have financial concerns. The first conversation we have is complimentary, so no worries there.

Learn more by scheduling a consultation

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How Do I Determine Whether We’re a Good Fit?

That’s part of why I offer a 20 minute complimentary consultation. I’ll ask you some questions about your health and wellness goals, the life constraints you’re working with, and the techniques you’ve tried before. Then, together with our conversation, we’ll decide whether it makes sense to go further.

The other ways you can learn more about me and my style include signing up for my monthly newsletter, reading my blog posts, checking out my YouTube videos, etc. In the newsletter I frequently announce local talks / workshops, as well as webinars and special coaching programs as they’re being offered.

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What is the Change Capacity Assessment (CCA)

Here’s a short (~12 min) video about the CCA I often use to make change easier for my clients:

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