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  1. 5 Ways to Alleviate Schedule Congestion – One of the common themes I see in working with clients–particularly those trying to become more stress resilient–is that they suffer from something I’ll call “schedule congestion.” It’s often hard to de-congest right away, so we must begin in small ways.
  2. What’s In a Complaint? – Language is very important. What we say is a reflection of what we think, and how we feel. I’m a firm believer that the language we use also has the potential to alter what we think and how we feel.
  3. How Stress Feeds Migraines: & Something You Can Do About It – Gary Keil, in his article titled “Chronic Pain and Leadership”, says it beautifully: “when pain hits it is wonderfully designed to completely overwhelm every other system.” This means the efficiency and effectiveness of our mind-body systems naturally decrease due to pain. So, it’s important from a career and leadership perspective to remain pain-free, or at least to properly “discharge” pain created or aggravated by our stressors.
  4. Stressed Out About Getting Healthy – There are 2 points in this story: first, we often unconsciously add to our stress by trying to do too much. Second, stress has a significant impact on our metabolism and ability to lose weight.
  5. Living in Fear, and What Faith Has to Do With It – It has become more apparent to me lately how much we all live in fear. I mean the little things that set us off, and cause us to react to people in a way that really doesn’t make sense unless we realize both (or several) parties are coming from a fear-induced state.

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