Looking for Stress Resilience?

  • Are you struggling with a never ending “to do” list?
  • Do you work in a culture where giving 120% is the norm, and/or are you the primary caretaker for others who seem to need you all the time?
  • Do you feel disrespected or unappreciated for how much you contribute?
  • Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious, and recognize you absolutely must take better care of yourself, but can’t imagine where you’d find that time?

You probably think your work or your home-life would fall apart if you stopped doing anything you’re doing. How could you make any money if you took time for self-care? How would you ever get the promotion (or keep your job!) if your boss didn’t see you busting your hump? What would happen to your ailing father if you weren’t the sibling tending to his medical appointments? There’s just no choice: you have to find the energy to plow-through. Besides, how could you be so selfish?

Woman enjoying herself.The truth is, there is another choice.

You can develop the courage to set and maintain boundaries at work and at home–boundaries that strengthen your relationships and encourage others in your life to take back responsibility for what’s theirs. Learn to distinguish what’s urgent from what’s important, and gain confidence in saying “no” to what doesn’t absolutely light you up! Use time gained from letting go of obligations and unrealistic expectations to rejuvenating yourself. Have the space to do what’s necessary for your own well-being and growth.

My 12-week coaching program can help you see that you do have other choices, and specifically what those choices are. You’ll get clarity on why you might be stuck in the pattern of giving and never taking. You’ll get a plan, advice, and support about how to make these changes so you can stop rushing around. You’ll develop courage and confidence to ask for what you want and get it. By caring for yourself better, you’ll become a more effective caregiver for others.

Savor your newly-found freedom to do more of the things you crave—whether that’s cooking, gardening, sleeping, reading, or something else. You’ll once again be able to take a deep breath, and start enjoying life again!

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Some Ways to Improve Your Stress Resilience

Living in a state of contentment requires shifting your mindset. Among other things, it involves recognizing all the options available to you, letting go of limiting beliefs, reducing negative self-talk, and making choices that may currently feel out of your comfort zone. You need new information and to take the small steps toward retraining your mind-body system that enable you to create an easier life. Here are some resources that will get you on the path to increased stress resilience:

Highlighted Stress Resilience Articles

  1. 5 Ways to Alleviate Schedule Congestion – One of the common themes I see in working with clients–particularly those trying to become more stress resilient–is that they suffer from something I’ll call “schedule congestion.” It’s often hard to de-congest right away, so we must begin in small ways.
  2. What’s In a Complaint? – Language is very important. What we say is a reflection of what we think, and how we feel. I’m a firm believer that the language we use also has the potential to alter what we think and how we feel.
  3. How Stress Feeds Migraines: & Something You Can Do About It – Gary Keil, in his article titled “Chronic Pain and Leadership”, says it beautifully: “when pain hits it is wonderfully designed to completely overwhelm every other system.” This means the efficiency and effectiveness of our mind-body systems naturally decrease due to pain. So, it’s important from a career and leadership perspective to remain pain-free, or at least to properly “discharge” pain created or aggravated by our stressors.
  4. Stressed Out About Getting Healthy – There are 2 points in this story: first, we often unconsciously add to our stress by trying to do too much. Second, stress has a significant impact on our metabolism and ability to lose weight.
  5. Living in Fear, and What Faith Has to Do With It – It has become more apparent to me lately how much we all live in fear. I mean the little things that set us off, and cause us to react to people in a way that really doesn’t make sense unless we realize both (or several) parties are coming from a fear-induced state.

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Highlighted Stress Resilience Videos

Here’s a simple self-massage technique you can use throughout the day to release cortisol (a stress hormone) from your system:

Here’s an example movement and breathing practice that can help reduce feelings of anxiety and increase stress resilience:

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What People Are Saying

As a self-employed attorney, I’ve quickly realized that my own self-care is the key to my business success. Kali was instrumental in getting me started down the road of determining how I wanted to approach my self-care. She knew just how to challenge me to push myself while also taking the time to understand my particular struggles and helping me figure out solutions that worked for me (they weren’t just “check the box” solutions). I appreciated her help so much as I was seeing her on a regular basis, but I appreciate it even more a year later. Here’s why: looking back, I now see that Kali was the spark I needed to slowly but steadily develop a personalized self-care regimen that truly works for me. The investment I made by working with Kali was more than worth it, not only because it helped me on a personal level but also because my business has continued to flourish because I now take care of myself and look at life with a healthier point of view! -Jenn R., Attorney

Woman traveling freely.

I was going through a very tough time in my relationship and decided that I needed outside help. I’ve never met someone so genuinely caring and who could give me the outside perspective I needed. She was always so patient, gave me life changing advice, and always made me feel so important. -Jenny S.

I started seeing Kali because my life was not working for me and I developed several health issues. She has been a great help in helping me look at the things that have held me back. I am making progress in major life style changes with her help and with the help of those professionals she has recommended. And she has never lost patience with my sometimes slow progress–my fault, not hers. She is a caring and kind guide and I highly recommend her. -Amy O.

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