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  1. The Mind is a Powerful Force When it Comes to Pain – As you might expect, the stress-pain loop also applies to other types of pain, such as back pain.
  2. How Stress Feeds Migraines: & Something You Can Do About It – Gary Keil, in his article titled “Chronic Pain and Leadership”, says it beautifully: “when pain hits it is wonderfully designed to completely overwhelm every other system.” This means the efficiency and effectiveness of our mind-body systems naturally decrease due to pain.
  3. Standing Up for Yourself When You’re Feeling Down – My clients often see doctors and other practitioners to help them manage a long-term illness or chronic condition. Regardless of who else my clients see, part of my job as a Mind-body Wellness Coach is to help them ask good questions about their situation and their treatments, so they . . .
  4. What is your health challenge here to teach you? – If your challenge with your health–or your career, or your relationship(s)–was here to teach you something, what would it be? Stop and ask that question for a brief moment. What arises within you as an answer? While this lesson likely has different specifics for each person, I invite you to consider that at the highest level, the lesson is . . . .
  5. That ouchy, achy, uncooperative body! – If you frequently experience aches and pains around your neck and shoulder areas, you could be suffering from a relatively new condition: text neck. As we look down at our devices, the angle of our neck can be anywhere from 0-60 degrees; as the degree increases, so does the force of gravity upon our cervical spines—from 10-12 lbs. with a 0 degree angle (i.e. “good posture”) to a whopping 60 lbs.

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