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  1. 3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Sleep – As with one’s diet (i.e. “way of eating”), I believe those looking to improve their sleep would benefit from following these 3 simple steps: experiment, pay attention, keep what helps and ditch what doesn’t!

  2. Insomnia from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine – A few months ago, my friend and colleague Chris Dewey of Thirdpathway Acupuncture schooled me on some aspects of insomnia I hadn’t heard before! This is truly fascinating information that you should listen to if you have issues falling asleep or staying asleep.

  3. Sleep’s New Nemesis – Do you understand WHY experts advise us against device-light if we’re having trouble sleeping? Do you realize it applies more widely to light in general? If you supplement with melatonin, or have tried to, you should understand this concept.

  4. Is Your Attention Focused in the Right Place? – It is very common that when we can’t sleep, we rather unconsciously focus our attention on the very fact that we can’t sleep, as well as the stories and thoughts that are keeping us awake, and things go downhill from there. Like with my pain, we must choose to direct our attention to an alternative something that will help–like on a particular breathing pattern.

  5. 10 Things I Do at Night So I Have a Smooth, Stress-free Morning – If you’re someone who worries, plans, and stresses about the next day while lying awake in bed at night, know that taking care of some things before you hit the sack can be extremely helpful in getting your mind to relax. In this post I’ll share some things I might do in the evening so I have a restful night, as well as a smooth morning and (next) day.

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