Self-Study Programs for Improving Sleep

If you’re interested in helping yourself to start, here are some affordable, primarily self-study programs that may be helpful:

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How to Take a TechTox (Technology Detox) & Regain Your Vitality

24-page e-book in PDF form that walks you through the "how-to's" of detoxing from technology by abstaining from technology use for a short period of time. Includes worksheets and information for the potential challenges you might encounter, particularly if you're addicted to technology. If you're stressed out or suffer from poor sleep, chronic pain, or an inability to lose weight, such a "TechTox" may help you feel better.

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The Real Cause of Our Sleep Issues & What We Can Do About It

Getting better sleep requires shifting how you think about rest and energy, and making some lifestyle tweaks. Even if you have the busiest life and can’t see any hope or space right now, I’m living proof that different sleep and energy is possible. This mind-shifting webinar presentation + coaching session will help you get started.

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How to Become More Mindful

This is a 5-week self-paced course that teaches you practical ways to be mindful in the context of your busy days. This course is designed to be applicable and useful for everyone, and may be of even more help to people dealing with sleep troubles, chronic pain, emotional eating, or stress.

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