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  1. 4 Ways to Lose Weight This Year Without Going on a Diet – What many know from experience is that few diets are successful, especially long-term. But if you want to quiet emotional / stress eating, if you want to lose weight, if you want to improve your overall health, what else can you do? In this post I talk about 4 simple (though not necessarily easy) ways to make a real impact.
  2. What Your Diet Plan Should Not Look Like – In this post I talk about my own exploration into a particular way of eating, why “customized” plans are sometimes not truly customized, and what the components of a “nourishment” plan would include.
  3. Which Comes First? Confidence or Control? – Here’s the interesting thing about control (over what we eat, how we eat, what we weigh, etc.) giving us the self-confidence and self-esteem we desire: it’s an illusion.
  4. Mirror mirror on the wall. . .I’m not broken! – How often do we women look into a mirror and criticize our bodies? When something we try on doesn’t look right, our self-talk isn’t usually “oh, this outfit is awful.” . . . we expend a tremendous amount of our power and life energy shaming ourselves; later we wonder why we don’t feel confident or sexy or happy, and believe it’s tied to our physical shape!
  5. Live Your Life, Love Your Food – There was a time in my life where I was obsessed with food, and like all obsessions, this one took some time to unravel. …it was always the same once I’d gone on a binge: I’d realize and track what I’d done, to see how badly I’d gone over my calorie allotment for the day. “Well,” I’d think, “today’s a bust. I’ll start again tomorrow.”

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