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What is Your Primary Concern?

Mind-body Wellness Coaching can be helpful to busy people who struggle with ongoing health and wellness challenges. Whether you struggle with:

  • Insomnia, sleep difficulties, energy / fatigue issues
  • Emotional eating, binge eating / overeating, chronic dieting, body image
  • Chronic pain, illness
  • Stress, which can exist alone and/or in conjunction with the above issues

I use a coaching model proven to help you get unstuck. The specific content varies based on your most pressing health concern and what your life is currently like. I don’t believe any system can work if it’s not tailored to an individual. It also won’t work long-term if you don’t learn how to adapt within it yourself, so you don’t fall off the rails when something in your life changes (because it will)!

Choose your doorway:

I’m tired all the time,

positive young woman stretching in bed photoI want to wake feeling refreshed . . .

I’m completely stressed out,

happy relaxed womanI want to build my resilience . . .

I’m tired of binging / overeating,

woman enjoying her food photoI want to handle my emotions without food. . .

I’m tired of being in pain,

man walking through field photoI’d like to get on with the healing process . . .