Reiki Sessions

“Just for today, do not worry.” –Dr. Mikao Usui

reiki_symbolsWhat is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on Japanese stress-reduction technique that creates space for your mind-body system to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually heal itself. Reiki addresses a realm of mind and body energy that is beyond the approaches of Western medicine. As such, Reiki can also be done via geographical distance (i.e. the Reiki practitioner and the client are not located in the same physical space).

What can you expect?

You’ll lie comfortably on a massage table or sit in a chair (fully clothed), while gentle music plays in the background. If you are not sensitive to them, scented oils may be used to create a relaxing, spa-like environment where you can really unwind and let go of all your worldly concerns.

During the session, the Reiki practitioner will lightly place or hover their hands in various positions around your head and neck, chest, ribs and abdomen, ankles and feet.

Because everyone has unique challenges, lives, bodies and minds, each person experiences Reiki differently. Here are examples of things you might notice during your session:

  • The practitioner’s hands get hot or cool
  • You feel areas of hot, cool, tingling, itching, or movement in places on or within your body. (These may or may not correspond to where the practitioner’s hands are placed.)
  • Seeing colors or shapes behind your closed eyes
  • Connecting to emotions like sadness or anger—some people cry.
  • You’re so relaxed that after a few moments you drift to sleep.

The effects of a session may last beyond the session itself. Afterwards, my clients have reported:

  • Feeling more centered and grounded
  • Seeing colors more vibrantly
  • Having more energy
  • Easier and deeper breathing
  • Experiencing less pain from chronic health issues
  • Feeling more open and aware
  • Faster healing from acute injuries
  • Sleeping more soundly

What conditions is Reiki good for?

  • Reiki is important for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day life—for anyone who needs to slow down, and care for themselves a little more.
  • Reiki is not only a wonderful experience for those with chronic stress, but is also very helpful for those with chronic illnesses or pain.
  • Reiki is useful for supporting changes a person may want to make (i.e. letting go of a habit and/or reinforcing a new one).
  • Reiki is also excellent to do before and after having a medical procedure, to help prepare mentally and physically, to handle the actual event, and to recover effectively1.

My main complaints were wrist and side-torso pain, as well as feeling out of sorts. At the end of the treatment I felt completely relaxed and re-energized. Over the next couple of days not only did I feel great, the wrist and side pain, which had plagued me for a number of days, completely disappeared.

Robert Gracey, MAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LAc

I was skeptical of this practice at first, but no more. I have been so impressed with what I’ve felt both physically and emotionally, that I decided to learn this practice for myself.

Heather C.

When I left your studio I felt everything was brighter — colors more vivid. As the week had gone on I felt different things: one day my breathing seemed better, and I did seem more relaxed and I had more energy.

Connie C.

Kali is such a wealth of knowledge and is so passionate about everything she does. I have done a few of her workshops and I love her yoga style! I tried Reiki for the first time with her and it was very moving and a great experience. I can’t recommend her enough!

Sarah B.

Kali is a really talented and intuitive healer. I’ve been in her group yoga classes and have had Reiki with her. I’ve had a wonderful experience with her. I feel really good after Reiki and very different from when I come in to the session. I also love the impressions and insights Kali offers. I highly recommend her services.

Lavanya B.

Kali is a very intuitive yoga teacher and healer. She is able to provide amazing yoga instruction/therapy, meditation coaching, Reiki healing, nutrition advice and so much more! Her energy is amazing! As a healer myself I have worked with her and seen great results and would not hesitate to refer patients to her.

Dr. Ellen Wolk., Chiropractor

Kali brings her knowledge of other systems & practices to Reiki to tie it all together & make it more meaningful.

Gita S.