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4 Ways to Lose Weight this Year Without Going on a Diet

Of the Top 10 New Years Resolutions from 2017, #1 was “Lose Weight / Healthier Eating”. I expect this particular resolution is in the top 3, if not #1, year over year. It’s widely believed the most popular way to lose weight is to diet. While the tides are starting to shift, the diet industry…
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A Promising Time for a Reset

Every moment can be like this crispy, fresh new month: a time where we can acknowledge what we’ve done well, and intuitively listen for what we could do in the very next moment that will benefit us body, mind, and spirit!

How to Keep a Peaceful Mind in Your Daily Life

I created an infographic (download here) to help me remember Yoga Sutra 1.33, which, even if you don’t know (or don’t care) anything about yoga, can be very useful in maintaining your equanimity in the face of daily life. Here’s a short video that describes how to use it. The analogy is originally described in…
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What’s In a Complaint?

Language is very important. What we say is a reflection of what we think, and how we feel. I’m a firm believer that the language we use also has the potential to alter what we think and how we feel. I point this out to my clients quite frequently. For example, if someone has a…
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What is your health challenge here to teach you?

If your challenge with your health–or your career, or your relationship(s)–was here to teach you something, what would it be? Stop and ask that question for a brief moment. What arises within you as an answer? While this lesson likely has different specifics for each person, I invite you to consider that at the highest…
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Standing Up for Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

My clients often see doctors and other practitioners to help them manage a long-term illness or chronic condition. Some of these practitioners are considered complementary, alternative, or integrative, and some are of the more conventional variety. Regardless of who my clients see, part of my job as a Mind-body Wellness Coach is to help them…
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Falling as part of the process

I fell out of a headstand in yoga class today, and I’m pretty excited about it! No, I was not teaching. (Those of you who take my classes know I don’t teach these things; I still experiment with them on my own from time to time.) There was actually a time in my life where…
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Living in fear, and what Faith has to do with it

It has become more apparent to me lately how much we all live in fear. Do you? I don’t just mean of the “big” things, like the fear my friends in the Austin area were dealing with RE the package bomber a short time ago, or even climate change or the political climate. I mean…
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A Different Kind of Motivation: Not Giving a F*ck

The other day one of my clients was feeling frustrated–I have seen this before, of course. There is always a point in the coaching process where one backslides a bit, where one gets frustrated that changes aren’t happening fast enough. It’s hard to see all the small wins when we have expectations, we’re impatient, and/or…
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Which Comes First? Confidence or Control?

When people interested in my Healthful Eating programs schedule their introductory conversation, I ask what they would ideally like to gain from our work together. Nine out of 10 times the answer is some variant of: “I’d like to be in better control of myself.” When we talk about what benefit having this control (over…
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