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4 Simple Ways Yoga Can Support Your Nutrition & Weight Loss Goals

Are you part of the 71% of Americans who just resolved to diet or eat healthier? One of the 65% who resolved to exercise more? Or one of the 54% who resolved to lose weight? Yes, those are the percentages of Americans who claimed they made such resolutions for 2019, as reported by Statista: Given…
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The Mind is a Powerful Force When it Comes to Pain

Last time I discussed how stress “feeds” migraines / headaches, and shared something you could do about it. As you might expect, the stress-pain loop also applies to other types of pain, such as back pain. Dennis was a former supply manager who was on disability due to his chronic bad back. He’d experienced multiple…
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How Stress Feeds Migraines: & Something You Can Do About It

The American Migraine Foundation1 states that “stress is a trigger for migraine in almost 70% of people, and one study revealed that 50-70% of people had a significant association between their daily stress level and their daily migraine activity.” Whether you suffer from headaches, backaches, joint/muscle aches or something else, chronic pain has a way…
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Living in fear, and what Faith has to do with it

It has become more apparent to me lately how much we all live in fear. Do you? I don’t just mean of the “big” things, like the fear my friends in the Austin area were dealing with RE the package bomber a short time ago, or even climate change or the political climate. I mean…
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Why Do a Movement & Breathing Practice?

I’ll tell you right away. One of the best reasons to do a movement and breathing practice is to discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before. This type of discovery doesn’t come from thinking, or working to figure it out. It “arises” spontaneously, effortlessly. Here’s an example from my own life: Recently I’ve…
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The Circus in my Head

A few years ago, I was asking each of my yoga students how they were feeling before I started class. Most people told me something about their body: “my neck is stiff”, “my hips are tight”, “I hurt my knee but I don’t know how (or I know exactly how)”! This is quite useful, because…
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Respecting Our Awesome Uniqueness

There have been several moments in my life (mostly in the past few years) where I had to ask myself, “why am I here?” The “life purpose” question is a challenging one, and for many many years I felt like I didn’t have a good answer. It seemed to me that everyone ELSE knew exactly…
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Outsiders & hidden connections

I’ve had a few discussions with friends recently about feeling alone, or out of place.  It seems to me this loneliness has a few different manifestations: feeling outside the outgoing, materialistic, ego-driven, cultural norms of our society anxiety or low self-esteem that presents itself most strongly in social situations a sense that one’s geographical location…
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What a yoga (therapy) practice looks like

In an effort to share more of what I do with people who need it, I went to another networking meeting this afternoon. One of the things I struggle with in these situations is describing what I do, because the word “yoga” has become synonymous with chicks in colorful pants and men with rock hard…
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Is Your Attention Focused in the Right Place?

It is very common that when we can’t sleep, we rather unconsciously focus our attention on the very fact that we can’t sleep, as well as the stories and thoughts that are keeping us awake, and things go downhill from there. Like with my pain, we must choose to direct our attention to an alternative something that will help–like on a particular breathing pattern.