A mind-body approach to goal setting

It’s flurrying here in New England this Christmas Eve, and I’ve been enjoying a quiet day inside catching up on some personal tasks. I’ve finally hung the vision board illustrating my top 6 values on the wall, my essential oil diffuser is making my office smell incredible, and there’s balsamic chicken thighs broiling in the oven. I’ve also started some year-end tasks for my business and started thinking about how I’d personally like to improve myself and my life in the coming year.

Once all the presents are opened, I expect many more folks will be thinking about this too.

I’m a big fan of worksheets; I have several that I frequently send around and use with my coaching client, and I thought for the holidays that I would share my Mind-Body Goal Setting Worksheet with you!

If you’re thinking about your personal or professional goals for 2019 (and sometimes have trouble sticking to them!), this worksheet will guide you through a different approach.

The Mind-Body Goal Setting Worksheet helps you explore and set goals that are truly meaningful to you.

It helps you identify a few purposeful actions you will be motivated enough to actually do to achieve those goals.

Balancing your mind’s thoughts with feedback from your body is something we rarely do, and will create the conditions for progress and lasting success!

Happy Holidays! 🙂



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