Celery Juice Recipe for the Celery Averse

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As I’ve grown older, my taste in fruits and vegetables has also grown. It’s amazing to me that at some point in my life, I hated mushrooms, or eggplant. Sometimes the issue is in the purchase or preparation (anyone else remember those yellow-green soggy peas from a can? :-p ), but other times we just change. Somewhere along the way as my palette became way more adventurous, I developed an aversion to a basic: celery.

When I lived in Austin, Danil and I used to experiment with juice cleanses. All of the green juices seemed to come with celery. No matter what other ingredients were in there, I could always taste the slightest hint of the vile weed, and started asking for my juices sans-celery.

Then about a week ago, this article about the benefits of celery juice came across my Facebook feed. Personally I was struggling with another inflammatory flare, and so I thought it might be good to give celery another try. However, I am aware and accepting that I am nowhere near drinking celery juice straight up. And so treating myself as I would treat a client, I’ve experimented and found a concoction that works for me. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too!


  • One full large head celery (hearts are fine but may not give you as much juice)

  • Two cucumbers (peeled; non-English kind, for most liquid)

  • Two apples, peeled and cored

  • One lemon, peeled

  • Piece of ginger**, peeled


*Please use organic where possible/available, or peel / wash everything extremely well. At the very least, apples and celery should be organic.

**I like to use the ginger to provide a little kick. It helps deal with the celery taste, so experiment with different amounts. Also the easiest way to peel ginger is with the backside of a spoon.


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