Who Isn’t Overwhelmed or Stressed Out?

This is the fourth in a 7-part series in why you might consider doing a Technology Detox (a “Techtox”). I hope it gets you thinking about your use of technology and how it may be impacting your health and well-being.

Do You Often Feel Overwhelmed or Stressed Out?

Our days and nights, our work, home, and social lives are jam packed with things to do. The list never seems to get any shorter. Many people feel they have more to do in less time. Not being able to accomplish as much as we’d like in a day can lead to a sense of feeling overwhelmed or being “stressed out”.

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Let’s return for a moment to attention span, focus, and productivity.  We said that our minds are being asked to absorb more information via technology than ever before, and that our attention span, which affects our ability to concentrate and focus may be declining as a result.

Previously, we also said that our sleep may be disturbed due to low or non-existent melatonin production (caused in part by technology “light”). In many cases we’re not getting as much sleep as we need to function properly (there are more implications here than I’ll go into, but let me briefly inform you about “an Australian study [which] found that after being awake for 17-19 hours…we can experience levels of cognitive impairment equal to having a blood alcohol level of .05% (just under the legal limit in the U.S.).”, Huffington).

Finally, we’re addicted to devices and online behaviors that often waste our time (e.g. scrolling through Facebook feeds or posting pictures on Instagram).

The point I’m trying to make is that our overall capacity for getting things done is diminishing in multiple ways. It may be true that there are more things to do, but what’s clear is that the gap is dramatically widened by the fact that we’re becoming less capable of doing whatever it is we do. Many of the skills or behaviors we need to master to be productive (e.g. being well rested, practicing good time management, etc.) are being whittled away by our over-reliance and over-dependence on technology.

No WONDER (and OF COURSE) we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out!

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