Looking back on 2017

The end of a year can trigger several different thoughts:

  • A “thank God it’s over!” (I recall thinking this at the end of 2016, when it seemed like everybody died.)
  • An enthusiastic “NOW it’s time to [insert fresh start item here]”!
  • Regret in the form of, “I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to, or have my life go in the direction of my goals / dreams.”
  • “Wow, I did so many wonderful things, met so many wonderful people, learned a lot, and let go of a lot!”

How many times do you think the last one?  Just like my clients, I sometimes find it difficult to recognize that I’ve accomplished so much–or in this case, written so much. Since this is my final blog post of the year, I thought it would be interesting to look back at what happened. So here are the blog posts of 2017, categorized by how I felt they land today. 🙂

Food exploded in microwave.

What topics are you interested in reading more about in 2018?
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Seriously . . . RELAX.

Who ARE you anyway?


The more you know . . .

Focus, my dear squirrel!

Special thanks to Olga Kabel for the idea to do this. 🙂


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