Kali’s Review of Sunbasket.com

Today I am reviewing Sunbasket.com. Please note that I am NOT being paid by Sunbasket to do this review! Also, this is the first time I’m trying out a video-based blog, so let me know what you think! Is a talking picture better than words? 🙂

For those who are not interested in watching (or who can’t at the moment), below is a summary of my review:

An example what comes in a Sunbasket mealExact portionSome Pros

  • Many GF options available.
  • Can focus on deciding once/week, then just picking the “meal of the day”.
  • Instructions are good and allow for sharing of cooking tasks, or multitasking efficiently by yourself.
  • The ingredients are high quality and almost always fresh: organic produce, grass fed meats, etc.
  • You get almost exactly the amount of everything you need (little food waste).
  • All the materials are recyclable.
  • All the recipes we’ve picked have taken only 30-45 mins to prepare (and we weren’t specifically
    selecting “time savers”).
  • The delivery is very consistent.
  • It’s easy to order online and give feedback on what you liked or didn’t.
  • Overall, it brought more joy into my cooking because it is less stressful.

Ice pouches in my sinkSome Cons

  • The pouches of the ice are awkward and heavy (during disposal). Recently Sunbasket sent email talking about doing different packaging, so we’ll see if/how this changes.
  • Right now it’s a max of 3 days—I suppose this is could be a pro as well, because you have freedom to choose your meals for the rest of the week. But I’d be happy with having all my weekdays covered.
  • The fruit is not always ripe when you’re ready to use it.
  • They seem a bit stingy on the spices sometimes. I realize that not everyone likes their food spicy, but they could always just say to leave some out. (And by spices I mean things like garlic! How can there be too much garlic!? 🙂 )
A meal cooking


A meal cooking

Mango salsa

Some Tips

  • They recommend cooking fish dishes first, and that gives more time for thicker meats to defrost. When something is still frozen, be sure to defrost it first, or add to the cooking time. You can also decide to make any vegetarian/vegan meals last, so the meats are at their freshest.
  • A serving isn’t one size fits all. So don’t forget your body’s intuition about feeling “full”. For some of the meals that say serving size 2, I think there are really 4. (This is nice though, because you’ll have leftovers.)
  • Use the bag the meal comes in to capture recycle-able pieces, and use the box as an indoor recycling bin.
  • Save and reuse some of the cute and useful packaging (e.g. hard-boiled egg holder, spill-proof salad dressing container, etc.)!

If you are interested in trying Sunbasket, however, consider using my referral link. This way we are both able to enjoy good food for less stress and less money!


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