Welcome to A Journey Into Health, the practice of Kali Patrick, Mind-body Wellness Coach.

I envision a world where each of us has the wisdom and power
to act in ways that support our physical, mental, and emotional health.

I believe:

  • everyone’s journey is unique and may take time
  • in personal experimentation, curiosity, and self awareness
  • we all need unconditional support and a safe space to explore
  • our health challenges have the potential to transform us, if we listen and work with them to heal.

I help professionals, entrepreneurs, and other busy people who have health concerns around sleep, chronic pain, emotional eating, and stress, and who struggle to find time for self care. Because I coach virtually, I can help you regardless of where you live!

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep,

positive young woman stretching in bedget on the path to waking feeling refreshed . . .

If you’re completely stressed out,

get on the path to resilience . . .

If you’re tired of dieting without getting lasting results,

get on the path to healthy AND pleasurable eating. . .

If you’re tired of being in pain,

get on the path to healing . . .

I’m a guide who’s been there! I can help you get clear around why you’re having challenges and why you may not have been successful in the past. I can help you make easy, natural changes to your existing routines so you can eat better, sleep better, move better, and breathe a little deeper.

The investment I made by working with Kali was more than worth it, not only because it helped me on a personal level but also because my business has continued to flourish because I now take care of myself and look at life with a healthier point of view!

Jenn R., Attorney at LifeWork Law

Kali has helped me to remember that without my own self-care, I am of no use to others. She is supportive and very practical. I never feel like I have to buy a load of products to get the benefits from her ideas. I can’t recommend her enough if you need a little support in how to take better care of yourself.

Laura Di Tomasso, Leadership Coach

I started seeing Kali because my life was not working for me and I developed several health issues. She has been a great help in helping me look at the things that have held me back. I am making progress in major life style changes with her help and with the help of those professionals she has recommended. And she has never lost patience with my sometimes slow progress – my fault, not hers. She is a caring and kind guide and I highly recommend her.

Amy O Newton MA

I was going through a very tough time in my relationship and decided that I needed outside help. I’ve never met someone so genuinely caring and who could give me the outside perspective I needed. She was always so patient, gave me life changing advice, and always made me feel so important.

Jenny S., MFM Sonographer

In each session, I benefit from Kali’s experience, knowledge, commitment, and passion. I highly recommend Kali to anyone seeking self betterment and health.

Sonya F., Credit & Risk Management Professional

Kali Patrick is an unusual lifestyle transformation coach, as she has literally walked the walk. She has a remarkable passion for comprehensive healing and personal transformation, and offers a broad palette of expertise …. If you are seeking to make real changes in your life, this is the person to call.

Justin L., musician, author, playwright, cultural iconoclast, and entertaining speaker
Waltham, Belmont, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Wayland, Weston, Watertown Massachusetts Virtual Coaching