I had the pleasure of speaking with members of the North Austin Influencers Group about body language. It’s been awhile since I’ve presented to a more corporate / entrepreneurial audience so truth is I was a bit nervous. Which was actually FANTASTIC, because it gave me a perfect opportunity to practice what I was preaching: a completely different way of exploring body language that was mostly rooted in yogic philosophy and my training as a (therapeutic) yoga instructor!

My audience was interactive, open, and willing to try something new. I received several complements after the talk, which was very nice to hear since I had put a lot of work into doing something different yet accessible on the topic. In the preliminary exercise I had attendees write down a word to describe the last person they spoke to and what it was about their body language communicated that this–the man I had been talking to wrote “confident”, because my “back was straight/chest out w/ smile”. 🙂

For those of your who missed it or are just curious, here is a (free) link to the talk. Obviously it is not interactive and I said a few things differently, but you’ll get the point I hope!

Influence Your Body, Influence Others: Body Language for Leaders

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