I always forget how much I love the taste of ghee (clarified butter) until I use it in my cooking instead of oils like olive or the (also magnificent) Kerrygold butter. My new favorite combination involves chopping a shallot into tiny pieces, then sauteing said shallot in a tablespoon of ghee. Sometimes I even add garlic too.  (OK, most of the time!)

What to do with that sauce? Hmmm…lots of options I’m sure. I enjoy tossing in some sliced cremini mushrooms (1-2 pounds because they cook down quite a bit), and after a few minutes (so the mushrooms are cooked but aren’t mushy), I add some finely chopped cilantro or parsley for color. It’s a pretty side dish, unless you eat all of it, in which case depending on how many mushrooms you use it could be a meal. 🙂

It really doesn’t take that much time at all, because as the shallot (and optional garlic) are cooking up in the ghee, you could be chopping the mushrooms. And as the mushrooms cook, chop the greens. See, efficiency at its finest!

Tip: I don’t find that Whole Foods has a good selection of ghee. Try a local Indian grocery for the good stuff.

Ghee & Shallot Sauce!

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