I can’t believe it’s been two months to the day since my session with Evelyn Talmadge at Goalsmiths. I met Evelyn when I first moved to Austin at the end of 2013, at a Meetup. We clicked instantly and became friends. As we talked more over the next year, it was clear to me that she had skills that might help me overcome some troublesome issues from my past, but as always, I didn’t want to go there.

But in February, I kept feeling a tightness in my chest that I knew was fear / anxiety, and so we arranged a session for me. I had no idea what to expect. I had been hypnotized before some years back (specifically to help me overcome performance anxiety when dancing competitively), but I didn’t feel like it did very much. Evelyn was very kind as she led me into her office. She made sure I was physically comfortable (I was having a lot of back trouble at the time) and we began to talk naturally about what was going on for me.

It was clear Evelyn had a lot of experience and tools to draw from, because she didn’t hesitate one bit after hearing what I said. In a soothing, calm, confident, and loving manner, she explained what we were going to do at each part, which is important to me because when I don’t know what’s expected I can feel uneasy. I felt as though she understood exactly what I was going through, and I sensed her encouragement and support. It felt as though she was my very own cheerleader.

After the hypnosis part of the session was over, my reaction was: “that sucked, and it was awesome!”. I gained a totally new understanding of a long-standing situation that has kept me feeling angry and unloved. As I was “under” I physically felt a lot of different sensations: headache, jaw release, tears, light-headed, neck strain. It’s where I hold my anger I guess, or did that day–in and around my head. I felt completely control of my body, and very relaxed even though sometimes the topic of conversation was challenging.

I’m not generally very good at letting go and surrendering anger (or much else for that matter!), and I won’t say that I did great on this point but I think I did better than I ever have. I believe that was possible only because Evelyn made me feel safe. After the hypnosis part we moved on to Psych-K, where Evelyn helped me find an affirmation I didn’t feel like rolling my eyes over. She also showed me how to position my body to instill it deep inside me, and encouraged me to do it in the morning and evening every day.

I wish I could say I’d been a better client, but I wasn’t. I was physically WRECKED after the session. I’d planned to go do a workout, and I ended up driving home, crawling into bed, and sleeping so soundly that when my partner came home he almost couldn’t wake me up. The session had exhausted me, and after a few days of practicing the affirmation, familiar resistant parts of me took hold again and I stopped doing it.

Two months later, after talking with another wonderful and talented lady named Tina Michelle and receiving a diagnosis on the chronic back pain that’s plagued me for over 4 months, I know I’m ready to continue my sessions with Evelyn. I need to go deeper, and Evelyn is the one to help me.

Going deeper can be terrifying, but not as much with a kind guide
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