What I’m Doing

Starting Tuesday, February 10th I’ll be following an elimination diet, as described in Digestive Wellness  by Dr. Lipski. The funny thing is, if I look at the list of allowed foods it’s pretty much exactly how I eat. Except for coffee, chocolate, and alcohol, which I pretty much always end up using to survive this thing called life. There are a few other things I eat regularly but will not mind eliminating for a short time: Greek yogurt, citrus fruits and eggs, for example. I’m pretty sure these have no effect on me but I want to do it by the book. I am not sure about nightshades so for optimal effect I will eliminate those too. The book says 2 weeks, but February is a short month and we’re already partway through, so what the heck.

Why I’m Doing This

In the past few months I’ve had multiple issues, one of which is almost constant pressure and/or pain in my low back (although it is happy to move around). I’ve already had x-rays, I am already doing Yoga Therapy (which is much like PT), and been told by multiple doctors and specialists that I have inflammation. (It’s also been a “hunch” of mine for a while, but I didn’t want to accept it because I knew it would mean giving up the things I’m using to cope.) Of course any doctor’s “answer” is to take Advil / Aleve, which I hate and to some extent cannot do because it upsets my stomach. I’ve also gone through frequent phrases of just feeling “puffy” for no apparent reason. I’ll be blogging about my experience here mostly so that I’m held accountable–my last few juice cleanses had been filled with rationalizing exceptions (i.e. cheating)!

What’s Been Really Crappy That I’ll Pay Attention To

  • my sleep and energy level
  • my back (and a lesser extent tooth) pain
  • my mood (depression and anxiety have risen highly as of late, given my inability to exercise)

Wish me well!

“Rest of February” Elimination Diet
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